GT3 Cup Challenge Profile - Zacharie Robichon

Driver: Zacharie Robichon

Number: 98

Age: 25

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

When did you start racing?

Karting at 14 (2006), Formula cars at 21 (2013)

What is the most stand-out race you’ve been in?

Formula Ford Festival in 2013, an event that has been won by many future formula 1 drivers

What is your greatest achievement?

Representing Canada at a world level in two international motorsports competitions in Karting and in Formula Ford

What is your pre-race ritual?

Stay as relaxed as possible and pretty much worry about anything but… I’ll have plenty of time to stress and worry when they make us sit in the car for what feels like forever!!

Who has influenced your career the most excluding family?

James Hinchcliffe, when he put on his Hinchtown driver shootout in 2011, which I won, it convinced me that I may actually have the talent and the opportunities to pursue a career in racing. If it wasn't for that I may have never taken the leap to Formula cars 2 years later.

Which Canadian racer do you idolize the most?

Plot twist… Robert Wickens instead of James Hinchcliffe, simply because he has proven his versatility and has “transformed” his career by jumping from formula cars to the DTM championship to pursue his career. Seeing a driver change course like that and be very successful has proven to me that there is no one-way to success.

What is your favourite memory from Honda Indy Toronto?

The first race I completed in Formula 1600 in Toronto where I had started at the back of the field and worked my way through to field to finish in 3rd position.

What advice do you have for aspiring race car drivers?

Take the opportunities that come your way, don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone to try different forms of racing. Any time you are on track whether it be in a formula car or a stock car, you will learn something that you can apply at your next race.

Do you have a pump-up playlist? Can you give us five songs that are on that list?

I do not, as mentioned before, I go for the opposite of a pump-up and try to chill out as much as possible!

Zach Robichon Headshot